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Do You Need Help Getting Out of Bed?

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Do You Need Help Getting Out of Bed?

One of the very first things we do each and every morning is get ourselves up and out of bed, and for most of our lives it's something we don't even think about. But, as our bodies age and become less mobile, getting up in a morning can cause a worrying start to our day.


Why am I struggling to get out of bed?

There are many reasons one may struggle to get out of bed, such as:

Mobility issues



Overly soft mattresses

The bed is too high or too low

Getting out of bed safely and independently

If you're looking for help getting yourself out of bed, there are several different solutions that could make a huge difference to your independence and quality of life.

Gentle exercises to improve strength and flexibility

It's never too late to start improving your physical fitness, and the benefits of exercising stretch far beyond helping you get in and out of bed. There are many basic exercises that can be done within your own home that are designed for all manner of abilities. The NHS provide a some really useful information on exercises for when sitting down, and exercises to improve your strength, flexibility and balance.

Bed rails or grab handles

Installed at the side of your bed, a rail or grab handle supports you when you're getting in and out of your bed. Built to support your body weight, many of the more modern types have been designed to be discreet and unobtrusive within your bedroom.

Adjustable Hospital Beds

Electric, adjustable hospital beds have come a long way from the traditional hospital style beds that you may initially think of. Our range adjustable divan beds are designed to provide comfort and ease of mobility for the user, whilst equally being a key design feature in any bedroom. Through a simple to use handset control, the bed can be electrically adjusted to raise the backrest to sit up in bed and the leg rest to elevate the legs.

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