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Choosing The Right Hospital Bed – Step by Step Guide

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Choosing The Right Hospital Bed – Step by Step Guide

Choosing the right hospital bed is an important decision. Whether you are recovering from an injury, medical procedure or require a bed long term, you want to ensure you choose a hospital bed that provides maximum comfort, aids with recovery, and provides you with maximum mobility.

How Long Do You Need The Bed For?

There is no doubt a hospital bed can be a big investment. If you need a bed long term or for a permanent solution, it's more important to make sure you get exactly what you need. If you only need the bed for a short period of time, you may want to consider renting a bed. Comfort and functionality are still important but you may be able to get by with a less complicated model if you only need it for a couple of weeks. A standard hospital bed, in this case, will suffice.


How Mobile is The User Of The Bed?

The mobility of the bed user has a big impact on the type of bed. Can the bed user get in and out of the bed? Do they require assistance? How much? Are there features they need to support their mobility? For example, a person that can sit up and get out of bed themselves would require a more basic bed than a person who was completely immobile.



What Type of Mattress is Ideal For The User?

The type of mattress you need is also impacted by the amount of time spent in bed as well as the type of health condition. For example, if you spend most or all of the day in bed, you will need a mattress that is designed to prevent bedsores and other ailments common with prolonged lying. There are many mattress types to consider – gel, memory foam and other specialty options based on your health condition and support needs.


What Bed Features and Functionality are Required?

Hospital beds have countless features to consider. Again, the amount of time you need the bed, the health condition of the bed user, and other factors should be considered when choosing bed features. Consider these bed features when choosing a hospital bed:


•  Positioning bed platform adjustment options

•  Side rails

•  Bed scales

•  Storage

•  Load capacity

•  Gap protection

•  Patent lift and bed trapeze solutions

•  Bed transport

•  Power needs


Choosing the right hospital bed is important. No two people are the same. Considering the above questions when comparing your options will help you get a strong understanding of the type of hospital bed you need.


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