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Can I Use a Regular Mattress on a Hospital Bed?

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Can I Use a Regular Mattress on a Hospital Bed?

Unfortunately, the short answer to this is "no." Why? There are 3 reasons that make it either impossible or less advantageous to use a regular mattress for a hospital bed.

1. Standard mattresses do not fit on hospital beds

In order to fit a hospital bed, you need a 36-inch by 80-inch mattress. Twin mattresses are typically 39-inches by 75-inches. Twin XL is 39-inches by 80-inches. These extra three inches of width will interfere with the operation of the bed, possibly causing damage to the mattress and/or the bed. It can also create a dangerous situation for the patient if the side rails or other safety features cannot function as designed.

2. Hospital mattresses are designed to bend with the bed adjustments

A hospital bed mattress must conform to the bed, even as the bed adjusts and bends at the head and foot. A regular, innerspring mattress has internal construction meant to keep it rigid, so it will not allow the patient to get the benefits of using a hospital bed and/or put added strain on the bed frame adjustment movements.

3. Hospital bed mattresses help prevent bed sores

Painful pressure ulcers or bed sores can appear on the heels, elbows, shoulder blades, and lower back of bed-ridden patients who lie in bed all day. Once they develop, it can be difficult, costly and time consuming to get them to heal. It also requires extra time from the caregiver and causes pain for the patient. If infection sets in, it can even be life-threatening or at the least require hospitalization.

In order to prevent pressure ulcers, hospital bed mattresses are designed to:

Relieve pressure

Mattresses must properly support the patient and distribute pressure so that no one point of contact bears too much weight. This is most important for those who spend a considerable amount of time in bed or are at higher risk for developing bed sores such as those who are underweight since they have less muscle and fat between them and their mattress. Foam and air mattresses are ideal for these patients.

Encourage airflow

If there is lack of airflow to the skin, then bed sores are more likely to develop. Those patients with higher body weight may find that they are more prone to developing sores from trapped body heat. A mattress that is contoured for airflow will help alleviate their risk for developing sores.

While you will need to weigh cost versus benefits when buying your mattress, you don't want to spend the last few months of a loved one's life, or the first few months after an illness or operation, fighting bed sores.

Prevention is the best option, and having the right mattress is a step in the right direction.

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