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Buying Guide – How to Choose a Hospital Bed

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Buying Guide – How to Choose a Hospital Bed

The type of hospital beds you'll need will depend on the individual circumstances of your loved one. Review the following features to understand more about what you can expect with hospital beds.


Types of Hospital Beds

All hospital beds are adjustable beds. The specific type of a hospital bed depends on how the adjustment is made and the number of adjustments that are available:


Full-Electric Hospital Beds are powered electronically. The height of the frame, the head, and the feet area can all be adjusted by a remote control or buttons on the size of the bed. The remote control allows the patient to adjust the bed themselves. If caregivers are concerned the patient may maneuver themselves into an unsafe position, they can remove the remote control, and only the caregiver will be able to make adjustments using the buttons on the side. With a full-electric hospital bed, there is no manual effort required by either the patient or the caregiver to make adjustments, which explains the higher price tag of these beds.


Semi-electric hospital beds work similar to full-electric hospital beds, except that the height of the bed must be adjusted manually using a hand crank on the side. This requires more effort from the caregiver, which can make them a less expensive option. However, as there are still some electric adjustments available, they are not the cheapest option.

Manual hospital beds require all adjustments to be made manually-for the height, head and foot of the bed. Because there is no electric power at all, these beds are one of the most affordable hospital beds available. However, they do require the most physical effort from the caregiver.

Low hospital beds allow for the same adjustments in the head and foot as other beds, but the overall profiles of the bed is much lower. The bed frame is designed to sit within a foot off the floor. The height can still be adjusted, but within a smaller range. These beds are ideal for patients who may have a fall risk during sleeping, or who want to be able to get in and out of bed more often, as the lower frame height allows that to happen with less risk. Low hospital beds are fully electric.

Trendelenburg Hospital Beds offer the most flexibility in adjustment options, and are designed for individuals in recovery, therapy, or aging. Beyond adjusting the height and the foot, each area can adjust to more extreme heights, allowing for positions like a recliner chair or with a head lower than the feet. Because these beds are highly adjustable, patients normally don't have to use special wedge pillows or pads to achieve ideal positioning. However, the extra adjustment options usually means these beds need more space to operate, so furniture may need to be removed from the room or they'll need to be placed in a bigger room entirely. Because these beds are full-electric and provide the most functionality and positioning options without any manual effort, Trendelenburg beds are the most expensive type of hospital bed.


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