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Best Hospital Beds for Home Use: A Caregiver's Guide

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Best Hospital Beds for Home Use: A Caregiver's Guide


Do you have loved one or patient who is suffering from a medical condition or who is just getting older and unable to get up and out of bed? Maybe they just had a big surgery and they're still working through the recovery process. Well, if any of these sound like your situation then it might be a good idea for you to look into the best hospital beds for home use. You may find that it actually improves the situation and comfort for your loved one, while also making sure that they are safer in the long run.


Who Needs Hospital Beds for Home Use?

So, just who is it that actually needs this type of bed? Well, there are a number of people who might. For one thing, individuals who are getting older may want or need a hospital bed in order to improve their own safety. These beds provide more movement options and more adjustment options. They can also have rails on the sides of them that provide patients with better safety when trying to get into or out of bed and even just trying to move around in the bed or keep from rolling out of it.


Individuals who are recovering from surgery or from a short-term medical condition may need this type of bed during the process of recovery. They can allow for different types of elevation as well as providing the right type of support for patients who are unable to move as much because of their current medical needs or condition. These beds can be a great way to help them be as comfortable as possible and also to ensure that they aren't injuring the parts of their body that they are working to heal.


Patients who are frequently falling will generally require a hospital bed because it keeps them from being able to fall out. These beds ensure that a caregiver can provide assistance and also make sure that the individual is able to steady themselves when they do want to get into or out of their bed. This is especially important for patients who have cognitive impairments or those who might have dementia as each of these conditions can make it difficult for the patient to maneuver. Beds with rails might be an important step.


Finally, patients who are bedridden and unable to get out of bed at all or only with immense difficulty, may want or need hospital beds for home use. These beds allow the patient to be moved more easily and also allow for pressure mats that will relieve bed sores. All of these features make it more comfortable for the patient and also enable them to be safer. Hospital beds could be the difference between an individual being able to return to their own home and having to stay at a hospital or other medical facility because they're not able to be safely at home.



Protective Rails

There are different types of rails available but chances are you're going to want something for your patient. You may want to choose short rails that only fit over the top of the bed if your patient is not a fall risk but does need rails to move around more comfortably. If your patient is a fall risk then full-length rails are generally a good idea. These will help your patient to feel safer and they'll also help you to feel better about them being in their rooms by themselves at night.


Storage Space

Some beds now come with a sort of platform underneath them that allows for drawers and cabinet space. These beds are going to have less flexibility when it comes to movement up and down, but they do provide a good amount of space for you to store different items if you need to. You'll be able to keep some of the supplies that the patient needs right with the bed, which can be good if you're frequently moving the bed from one room to another. This makes sure you always have the supplies you need with you.


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