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Are you Aware of the Benefits of Lightweight Wheelchairs?

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Are you Aware of the Benefits of Lightweight Wheelchairs?

If you have been struggling on a daily basis to get around the house, or not leaving the house because you cannot walk far, then lightweight wheelchairs could dramatically improve your circumstances. It can leave you feeling isolated when you are unable to go out for lunch with friends or family or get yourself to the local shop. People can feel helpless and a burden to their families, but with a wheelchair they will be able to regain some of their confidence and live their life again.


You should take some time over choosing your wheelchair as there are different types and you want to make sure that you get the right one for you. If you want advice, then you could speak to one of our professionals and they will gladly advise you on what would be suitable for you.


Different options to choose from


There are a few different types of lightweight wheelchairs for you to choose from. You may want a self-propelled one so you are able to move around easily and independently, or you may choose to get a chair that is not self-propelled, if you will only be using it when someone is pushing you. Either way, the increase in mobility that you will have is outstanding.


You may opt for a chair that is foldable. This is extremely beneficial if you are planning on taking your wheelchair with you on car journeys, as it is easily compacted and will be able to fit in the boot of an average sized car nicely. It also means you can put your chair away if you do not need it all the time, and it will not take up excessive amounts of room.


Our lightest chair weighs as little as eight kilos, so it is considerably more transportable than a heavy-duty wheelchair. They also have an S-shaped seating system that will ensure that your comfort is at its optimum. If you are worried about the comfort of your chair it is suggested that you physically sit in some first, so you know which one you prefer.


Do you need a wheelchair?


For many people getting a wheelchair seems like losing independence. However if they take a moment to consider they will realize the true benefits of lightweight wheelchairs. If they want to go to the shop, they no longer need to rely on anybody else to go for them or escort them there. These chairs can allow people to take back their independence.


If you feel shut off from your friends and family because you are becoming immobile or have had an accident and are immobile, then a wheelchair will allow you to feel involved again. If your friends are going for a meal you can join them easily, and if your family are going away on holiday you can accompany them.


If your immobility is a result of an accident, then having a wheelchair can make your recovery period a lot more enjoyable. If you are off your feet for three months, then this is a long time to stay indoors. Sometimes people cannot use crutches, and a wheelchair enables them to go outside and enjoy the fresh air.


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