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About Medical Beds for Home Use

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About Medical Beds for Home Use

Medical beds for home use or assisted living environments are used to better meet the needs of loved ones who have reduced or limited mobility, or require special care due to a medical condition. To meet these needs, medical beds for home use offer a variety of positions to assist with care, eating, reading, watching TV, getting in and out of bed, and improve sleeping. Like to know more before you shop? Read below for further insight about medical beds for home use Sizes, Types and more.

medical beds for home use

Medical beds for home use sizes

Medical beds for home use come in an industry-wide standard size of 36” wide by 80” long. This standard patient bed size is a bit narrower and longer than the standard size of 39” wide x 75” long for twin non-hospital beds. This size distinction is important to know when buying bed sheets because twin-sized bed sheets do not necessarily fit medical beds for home use properly. Fortunately, Maidesite offers a variety of bed linens and sheet sets specifically sized to fit most every medical beds for home use size. 

Types of medical beds for home use 

Medical beds for home use come in four main categories when it comes to adjustability: Manual, Full-Electric medical beds for home use, Low medical beds for home use. Full-Electric models offer fully powered Head, Foot and Overall Height adjustability. Low models provide a lower height from the ground (as low as 9.5") compared to standard Semi- and Full-Electric beds. Low Beds are ideal for users with Alzheimer's, Dementia, or others who may be considered a fall risk. 


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