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4 Uses Of Side Rails On Home Hospital Beds

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4 Uses Of Side Rails On Home Hospital Beds

Side rails on home hospital beds have many different uses. They can make a home hospital bed safer and easier to use for people with a wide variety of conditions.


Reduce the risk of Falls When Getting Into and Out of Bed

For people with mobility challenges or bodily weakness, getting into an out of home hospital bed can be challenging. It is common for elderly or disabled people to slip or lose their balance when moving on to or off their bed. A home hospital bed rail adds rigid support that people can hold on to when moving to get off the bed, standing up, or climbing onto the bed.



Prevent Patients from Rolling Out of Bed While Asleep

Rolling or jumping out of home hospital bed is another common cause of falls and injury. You might expect that rolling out of bed is rare, but it happens more than you think to seniors and people who take some types of medication.



Provide Support While Changing Position

A bed rail provides support and leverage to help people change positions in home hospital bed, which is why they are sometimes called bed assist rails. People with limited strength may struggle to turn over in bed or change sleeping positions. Staying in the same position is uncomfortable, and it can lead to conditions such as bedsores. A bed rail gives the bed's occupant a rigid surface to hold onto or push against while moving.


Equipment Storage

Finally, bed rails provide a useful area for attaching bed pockets and other storage. They can be used to safely store medical equipment, books and magazines, and other small items the bed's occupant might need.



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